All of Rosalie’s grandparents have now met her.  They all agree she is the best and most beautiful baby of all time (no bias, of course).  She has now also met her great-grandmother and namesake Rosalie.  They are quite a few years apart, but seemed to get along great.  As the more experienced of the two said in a very sweet letter, “You have a very special place in my life, as little and as young as you are, because your parents chose to give you my name.” Here are a few pictures. As always, there are lots more in the Flickr set.

(Great) Grandma Rose:
Rosalie 065

Grandpa Tom:
Rosalie 045

Oma Sigi and Opa Fred:
Rosalie 016 Rosalie 019

Grandma Wiki was the first to come visit, on the very first day.  We weren’t quite in our right frame of mind yet (i.e., photograph EVERYTHING and importing it to the right place) but photos are coming.

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