The Good Doctor

This morning Rosalie, Reba, and I all got up bright and early to go see the pediatrician for the first time.  We got her into the car service Town Car, safely strapped into the seat, around 710 am.  Rosalie then got her first taste of New York rush-hour traffic, but she dealt with it like a seasoned pro, making some noises and shaking her fist at the cars around us.  We made it to the doctor’s office by 8, our appointed time.  Turns out she is perfectly healthy, just as we had suspected.  The only stressful moment was when they had to take some blood, but as soon as the medical assistant was done, Rosalie was her angelic self again.  The good folks at Arecibo sent us a lovely car that took us back home. Now for a well-deserved meal and nap, for the whole family.

Update: I forgot to note that Rosalie weighed in at six pounds, eight ounces, a full two ounces larger than her birth weight.  Her almost-continuous feeding must be getting the job done.

First time in a car:
Rosalie 011

After the heel stick:
Rosalie 017

Rosalie 018

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