An imagined epistolary exchange between Rosalie and Frank the cat.  The latter was our third cat, whose marked dislike  of little children prompted us to send him to the farm.  No, really, to a farm — Aunt Chris has given him a lovely home in Connecticut.

Dear Frank,

I’m sorry that I haven’t met you.  Mama and Daddy tell me that you were a lovable spitfire of a feline, who never fully adjusted to life indoors.  I hope that when we all go to visit Aunt Chris, I’ll get to say hi.

Sincerely, Rosalie

Dear Rosalie,

Hisssssssssssssssss! (But I don’t really mean it – I just get scared by little human beings.  I look forward to meeting you too).

With feline affection, Frank


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2 Responses to Frank

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  2. Will says:

    Do you think Frank is capable of that degree of self-reflection? Knowing Frank, I’m skeptical.

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