Rosalie 011Rosalie got her first package in the mail, from Uncles Jeff and Mark on the left coast.  They are men of great learning who believe firmly that it’s never too early to instill a love of systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.  They also pick out a mean pair of shoes.

One way humans seek to understand the physical workings of the world is by developing theoretical models that explain a set of observations.  One such theory, a current cornerstone of western medicine, is germ theory.  The good folks at Giant Microbes make a whole series of microscopic organisms (predicted by germ theory and subsequently confirmed), scaled up 1,000,000 times actual size, using the latest in plush-toy materials and technology.  They are perfect for getting little ones started on the road to understanding microbiology.  J&M were thoughtful enough to choose a common, fairly harmless microbe to send Rosalie off on her journey of knowledge — propionibacterium acne, also know as the common pimple.

Uncles Jeff and Mark also combine their clear-eyed inquiry into the natural world with a deep empathy for the human condition.  Here too, they encourage Rosalie toward a path of humanitarian involvement by providing her with artisan-crafted shoes from Guatemala.  Below, a selection of photos showing her first scientific experiments.  Rosalie is using some of the common tools of inquiry, such as the aforementioned pimple, basic methods of measuring time and space, and research into existing knowledge found in reference works.  She is also wearing her new shoes.

Rosalie Science 002

Rosalie Science 018 Rosalie Science 010

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One Response to Science

  1. Tom Mehan says:

    Oh, boy, I chuckled throughout. What a wonderful pair of uncles. The shoes are beautiful, and Rosalie is obviously already betaken by the texts that she will soon begin to peruse. When I last spoke to her, she seemed to have a penchant and an aptitude for microbiology. Well, that’s a start anyway.

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