It’s Already Tomorrow

It’s been a busy day at Chez Baby Rosalie.  Daddy spent some time engaging in telephony, and it appears that our cell phones finally function in our apartment.  Hooray for complicated and expensive equipment that allows us to use a service that is already paid for and dang-well oughta work to begin with.  But I digress.

We also had our second visit to the doctor, and Rosalie was a champ again.  She gained six more ounces, and is now just shy of seven pounds.  We also confirmed that she really likes riding in a car; as long as it is moving (and for big chunks of today, when it wasn’t moving either – the BQE, now das ist ein Unikum) she is out cold.  We joked about buying a car, just so we could drive her around in it.  It’s a nice idea, except then we’d have to park the silly thing.

And tomorrow, i.e. today, Oma Sigi is coming for a visit.  Everyone is excited.

Mama and a fairly placid Rosalie in the doctor’s office:
Rosalie 007

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