Everyone has an opinion about who Rosalie looks like.  I happen to think she looks like The Perfect Baby®, but it seems I am genetically disposed toward that conclusion.  For comparison purposes, here are few photos from earlier in my family history.  When I get the chance, I will get and scan some from Reba’s side as well.

Here is Rosalie today:

Rosalie 014

Here I am, a couple of months older than Rosalie:

Baby Me

Here’s baby Uncle Chris:

Baby Brother

My dad, at about four months:

Set 3_0025

We hold out some hope that Rosalie’s hair will follow Uncle Chris’s path, at which point she can join the august assemblage that is people with red hair (and maybe she’ll get sweet cowboy boots for Christmas some day too):


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4 Responses to Generations

  1. Jeroen says:

    She looks beautiful and healthy Kev. Give my best to the missus.

  2. Thanks Jeroen, I’ll pass that on.

  3. peggy says:

    i’ll put in my 2 cents, i think she is looking like you. you guys all look so great!

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