Back to the Dust Mines

Today was a big day – I had to leave the house, our little nest, the hearth and home that we’ve created, and brave the crowds on the subway and the mean (and loud – I’d forgotten!) streets of Manhattan to get back to processing archival materials.  My awesome co-workers had a surprise waiting for me: an EAD-encoded onesie.  What the heck is EAD, you might ask (and you wouldn’t be alone)?  It is the archival community’s attempt to standardize our descriptive records, known as finding aids, by encoding the information in an agreed-upon XML language.  Benefits include interoperability, improved searching, and everything else that flows from structured data.  Said language has been given the clever name Encoded Archival Description, and it’s a big part what we do all day, every day.  We also use it to make inside jokes (some say nerdy, I prefer erudite – tomayto, tomahto).

EAD Onesie

This lovely <archdesc level= “bundle of joy”> onesie also goes along with our other onesie featuring an MLS-holding information profession. I hope Rosalie inherited some of daddy’s bookish tendencies!

Future Librarian

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9 Responses to Back to the Dust Mines

  1. Tom Mehan says:

    I am so glad that you included a picture of the onesie. After the first paragraph, I had no idea what was going on. Good luck being back on the job.

  2. Dawne Lucas says:

    LOL…I want one!

  3. It’s been tough being back at work this week. I find myself rushing home like never before.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Okay, if your little bundle of joy ends up traumatized, it is so totally not my fault.

  5. Keith Donohue says:

    Wondering if I could clip the EAD onesie for a story I’m doing on EAD for the NHPRC New.

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