Busy Weekend

We’ve had lots of fun this weekend introducing visitors to Rosalie, as well as catching up with some of her oldest acquaintances.  Everybody is happy and healthy, if a little tired after the whirlwind!

First, our friend Meg came by to say hello.  She brought some very sweet gifts that we will touch on over the next few weeks, as well as a wonderful hand-crafted card for Rosalie. Click through to admire the detail.

Welcome, Rosalie Rosalie 006

Next, Reba’s cousin drove in all the way from Connecticut to check out the new addition. Nikki and her husband are the parents of two adorable little girls, so they know from babies — and they approved. We also got some solid advice on how not to drive the baby, or ourselves, crazy. Always good to hear from those who have just been through the same thing.

Rosalie 032

After that pleasant visit it was off to Aunt Ginger and Onkel Chris’s apartment, for Rosalie’s first visit to another Astoria apartment and her first dinner party: mushroom stew, lasagna, a killer salad, Chianti, and plum cake and rye for dessert.  Mmm!  We were joined by Oma Sigi and Opa Fred. Oma is holding the baby, and Opa’s finger is being held:

Rosalie 034

Finally, on Sunday morning Rosalie was introduced to her Uncle Adam and Aunt Chrissie. Now she’s met all of her biological uncles and aunts. Next step: great-uncles, great-aunts, and the second, third, and fourth cousins. Below, Adam demonstrates excellent Rosalie-holding technique.

Rosalie 001

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One Response to Busy Weekend

  1. Tom Mehan says:

    What a wonderful weekend for family and Rosalie! It is great to see Oma Sigi and Opa Fred are able to join you. And Nik and Mike. And Adam and Chrissie. Glad that you all got over to Ginger and Chris’. But I wonder about the new words that Rosalie is going to be teaching you two. Please let her know that she’ll have to clear them with Grandpa Tom and Webster’s New World before introducing them to her loved ones for future use.

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