Adjusted Posting Schedule

Hello family, friends, and other readers,

Now that Rosalie is five weeks old and I’m working hard again, the posting schedule is going to be adjusted down a bit. I’ll shoot for a longish post every few days.  There are many options if you are interested in knowing when a new post goes up, other than the simple expedient of just checking every day.  I added a widget in the upper-right-hand corner that allows you to subscribe to the blog.  An email will be sent to you when a new post arrives.  You could also try following newastoriadad on Twitter; new posts are Tweeted there.  Of course, if you are an RSSer, you can just point your reader to the blog.

Also, I’ll keep adding to the Flickr stream. For the tech-savvy, you can add the Rosalie set to your RSS reader by following this link, or by going to the set and scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the “Subscribe to the set ‘Rosalie'” link.

In baby-related news, she is getting big!

Rosalie 012

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