Weekend Fun

Editor’s Note: Check out this post for easy ways to keep up with the blog as posting becomes less frequent.

Another great weekend here at Chez Rosalie.  Our friends Jantine, Lyle, and Marlena came to visit us on Saturday.  We took a walk down to Socrates Sculpture Park, joined by Onkel Chris (aka Onkel Shady), Aunt Ginger, and Ginger’s mom.  It was a beautiful day, a great crew, and the longest period of time Rosalie has ever been outside (and the most Reba and I have been out since August).

On Sunday, I woke up with a baby on her tummy next to me and Reba telling her, “Show Daddy how strong you are.” Rosalie raised her head, did her best turtle imitation, and managed to roll over on to her back. She is getting so strong! What a nice way to start the day.

Later, we got a visit from uncles Will and Brian and their new kid (dog) Mabel.  Everyone was happy to meet Rosalie, who in turn enjoyed the attention. She also enjoyed, as did Daddy, the local team’s success over the weekend.

Rosalie 014
Jantine and Rosalie

Rosalie 017
Will and Brian examine the new addition

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2 Responses to Weekend Fun

  1. Will says:

    Oh my lord, “examine” really is the right verb, isn’t it?

  2. Little babies are fascinating, aren’t they?

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