More Firsts

Rosalie continues to rack up the firsts.  She is now seven weeks old (first time she has ever been that old); she’s traveled around Astoria in her stroller (twice, actually — and yesterday’s ride with Oma Sigi up 28th Ave to 47th St and back around and down on Steinway was a good hour in the sun and the fresh air); she got to ride the subway, and visited Reba’s place of work; she is smiling with regularity and (probably) intent; her vocalizations are growing more nuanced, with some basic coos added to her well-practiced repertoire of grunts, gurgles, and squeaks; she can follow faces and voices from ten to fifteen feet; she is growing fast, and no longer fits into her newborn clothes and diapers; she is developing quite the fashion sense; and she had a full meal from a bottle (thanks Mommy, for starting to pump).  The stream of well-wishers also continues, with our friends Ann, and Lauren and Jeff all stopping by.


Rosalie 013
Rosalie and Lauren

Rosalie 005
Rosalie, Ann, and Rosie’s new friend that Ann will soon add to the world

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