First Hundred Days

Rosalie has been around for a hundred days now.  It’s traditional in many cultures, including Western, digital, Korean, and Chinese, to mark this day.

All of our lives have changed, mostly for the better.  Reba and I have comfortably added “parent” to our identities; Rosalie is figuring out that her hands are attached to her body and belong to her.  We’ve gotten good at handling her, and she is getting much better at being handled.  She is also able to give us clearer signals about her needs, and we are better at meeting them.  (Yesterday, after getting another vaccine shot at the doctor’s, she was a fussbudget all afternoon, including during a visit from Oma and Opa.  After a bit of experimenting, it turned out that she wanted to be in my arms, and nowhere else (sorry Oma!).  A couple of hours later, she fortunately returned to her normal sweet-baby state.) All in all, she is a wonderful baby and we are beyond lucky to have her.

On the flip side, while we were all sleeping a bit more, Rosalie’s patterns are still subject to change at any moment.  It seems they are shifting again, so we’ve had a few hours less of sleep this past week.  Someday, maybe soon, we’ll get a full six hours out of her — until then, we drink lots of coffee.  And going back to work is no fun, especially now that Mommy is getting back into the swing of things.

Finally, our 200GB hard drive is almost full – of pictures of the baby.

Here is our little bundle, sleeping sweetly across from me as I type this.
100 Days

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One Response to First Hundred Days

  1. Auntie Kate says:

    So beautiful.. and every single word resonates with us. What a journey. I am so blessed to be Auntie to such a beautiful little girl.
    Auntie Kate

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