Daddy-Daughter Duet

Our first jam session!

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4 Responses to Daddy-Daughter Duet

  1. Oma Sigi says:

    Well, Kevin

    you’ll be the one to teach Rosalie music and she is already responding at her very young age.
    This jam session is beautiful and even though I just saw her last Monday she’s already grown again.

    Rebecca and Kevin, you are doing a great job parenting!

  2. Rebecca Mehan says:

    Thank you, Sigi. We are having a great time! I love this little duet. I also love that Kevin is using a piggy wrist rattle as is capo. Times have changed!

  3. Tom Mehan says:

    I just posted somewhere. But here goes again. Without a doubt, this is my all-time favorite video. Thank you.

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