Christmas 2010

Rosalie experienced her first Christmas, and it was a good one.  A full report, lavishly illustrated, is after the jump.

We started off with a trip to Oma Sigi and Opa Fred’s house, for some tree-trimming and a traditional Christmas eve gift exchange.

Everyone got a chance to hold Rosalie:
Rosalie 007

Daddy held her too.

Rosalie figured out a very important technique that evening — how to hold on to her bottle by herself.  She’s growing up!

After a few hours of fitful teething sleep, we headed up to Connecticut to see Reba’s family.  Christmas morning at Grandma Wiki’s was fun for Rosalie (and for us to).  Highlights included pink cowboy boots and a ballerina music box.

Dinner at the homestead followed, and Rosalie got to see some more of her little cousin Hunter.
Rosalie 011

Finally, we stopped off Grandma Rosalie’s for a quick visit, and then headed home to beat the snowpocalypse. Good thing too, because this is what the backyard looks like this morning:

Snow 005

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