One Week Old

Rosalie was born on Friday September 3.  Now, a week later, how is she doing?  Well, she’s doing great.  Some milestones and firsts we’ve already accomplished:

  • Surviving the first hour (tough times for a newborn, out in the cold hard world — but she did it)
  • Making it through the first night (all of of us!)
  • First time outside
  • First visitors (including all the grandparents and great-grandma)
  • First time in a car, and an initial visit to the doctor
  • First time wrapped up in the baby-carrying device known as the Moby Wrap
  • First visit to Il Bambino (and Darren gave us a brownie)
  • First work-related phone call
  • The cord stump fell off (gross, but a good thing – now she has a belly button)
  • Feeding escalating to every hour during the night — and mama taking it in stride
  • A couple of minutes ago, her first real poo — many more of those to come, I’m told
  • And finally, figuring out how great it is to sleep on daddy’s chest.

Rosalie 002

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One Response to One Week Old

  1. Elizabeth Mehan says:

    Happy 1 Week Rosalie
    Kevin this last picture it beyond words!!!

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